Getting started

Follow this installation guide from zero to hero to make and install your application centre.

1. Requirements

You'd need some basic things to get started.

What you'll need:

  • A Roblox Account
  • A device which supports Roblox Studio (Windows & Mac computers)
  • Be happy!

In case you do not have a computer with you, please contact our support team. We might be able to set up an application centre for you. You can continue till step 6.

2. Make an account

Please register on our website. Please do not use your Roblox Password. Press the button below to go to the register page, come back here once you made your account.

3. Connect to Roblox

This is to make sure you're the actual owner of your account. We do not get access to your account.

To do:

  1. On the middle of your screen, press the "Link Roblox" button.
  2. On this page, enter your Roblox Username, and press "Next".
  3. Join the Verification Game, and confirm you'd like to verify yourself.

4. Make an application centre

Now, you can make an application centre, woohoo!

Let's create your centre!

  1. On your dashboard, press on the + icon next to "Centres you own"
  2. On the popup, please enter a name for your application centre, and press "Done!"
  3. Wonderful! This step is already done as well.

5. Set a role

Set a role which people can apply for. For example, this could be "receptionist".

How do I do this?

Easy! ;)
  1. On the page you just got to, press the + icon next to applications. The button is on the right of your screen
  2. You'll now see a pop-up. Enter the role people can apply for. For examle: receptionist
  3. Press "Check! Let's make the questions!" button.

6. Add some questions

That's the whole point, right?

How do I do this?

  1. On the page you got sent to in the previous step, press the + icon next to "application questions". You'll now see a pop-up
  2. Choose a type of question, enter the question itself, and fill in other fields if any appear
  3. Press the "Save" button.

7. Download your centre

We're nearly there! We now need to download your centre.

How do I do this?

Please refer to this article to publish your centre.

Stuck somewhere?

Didn't you manage to get everything working, or are you stuck somewhere in this tutorial? Don't worry, our support team is here for you at all times. ;-)